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Since every practice is unique, we spend time understanding who you are and what your patient population is. 
Analyze Your Data: We look at as much data as possible to determine where the challenges are.

1. Patient Demographic Analysis – Who are your patients?

2. Do your receptionists require more insurance & insurance verification training?

3. Do you have the right tools accessible for your employees to perform proper patient registration and insurance verifications?

4. What is the patient flow through your office? Can anything be done to decrease the wait time and increase patient satisfaction? Does your ancillary staff require more training to minimize the workload on the provider, freeing him/her up to see patients more efficiently?

5. How is your Aging Report (AR)? How much money is owed to you, for how long and by whom?

6. Are your providers coding your visits appropriately to maximize on revenue? Do they need edification on selecting the correct service level and charting appropriately to increase insurance reimbursement?

7. How many denials do you have? Are they being processed appropriately?

8. Are your Insurance Contracts up for renewal? Can they be renegotiated ?

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